Each season D2D Motorsports listens to its heart and selects a subject or program to raise awareness in the community and improve the lives of our fans.

Andrew has invested countless hours as an instructor for the Teen  Accident Avoidance and Car Control Class sponsored by the Monticello Rotary Club, in Monticello, MN.  Each year too many young drivers die or are seriously injured in car crashes. "Through progressive exercises, the course helps young drivers develop the skills to maintain control in emergency situations and drive the car safely with precision," observed List.  This season D2D Motorsports carried the message of focus on the road ahead, don't get distracted; distributing thousands of wrist bands to young fans.  

2016 Season

Giving Back

cOur driver, Andrew List, has dyslexia.  In third grade he enrolled in Huntington Learning Center to improve his reading skills.  The excellent staff at Huntington was able to teach Andrew strategies to improve his reading accuracy, speed and comprehension.  "Imagine placing a page of text in front of a mirror and attempting to read seeing only the image in the mirror.  The letters are all the same but our brain has not been trained to decode the text when it's presented backwards.  Now you know the feeling each dyslexic person has when asked to read" said List.  The team placed the poster shown above in its paddock area at each race event and talked to our fans about the importance of reading as the foundation for learning.  "Each family we met knew of a friend or other family member with dyslexia or other reading challenges." .

2015 Season

​a2014 Season

​Andrew is a member of Midwest Animal Rescue Service having fostered and adopted several dogs himself.  The 2016 season will focus on the importance of spaying and neutering animals to prevent unwanted litters and the valuable service animal adoption organizations play in preventing animal abuse and neglect.


We ask for the help of all motor racing fans to acknowledge animal rescue efforts by submitting the story of their rescued pet.  

Beginning March 1, 2016, please submit your pet’s picture and story to d2dteam@d2dmotorsports.onmicrosoft.com and we will post one story each week on the team’s Facebook site and create a collage poster of pet pictures that we will display at each race event. 

As thanks, we will send the first 50 pet owners who submit a story, a Paws for the Cause key fob and an autographed hero card from our driver. 

Thanks for your support of animal rescue!!